Leveraging internet Buzz for your consulting activity, by MostAmazingTop10 (5min:40sec)

A glance at most searched -happy or sad- people and events that occur throughout the year shows you where the trend is. You can then promote your product or consulting activity accordingly…Talking about free traffic generation.

Crowdsourcing for your consulting activity, by Niranjan Zende (3min:20sec)

Think about leveraging other people’s knowledge to enhance your Consulting business.

Are the best Consultants Introverts or Extroverts ?, by AsapScience (4min:17sec)

You might want to know yourself and leverage your strengths and so called weaknesses. Eg: an introvert Consultant should seek a dozen clients at a time, charging $97 each, while an extrovert should go for a crowd of a hundred simultaneous clients at $27 each…

How to emulate AT&T acquiring Time Warner, by WallStreetJournal (1min:09sec)

The big picture here is that a gigantic Channel (AT&T) is about to get loaded with huge Content (Time Warner). Consulting being about providing expert advice, you too can emulate the two giants by creating/aggregating content on a consulting website and broadcasting it to a thirsty audience. Ref our Tools section.

Follow your dream, by BuzzFeedVideo (2min:21sec)

Set yourself a goal and go for it! ConsultingVault advise the following Steps: 1/ Try 2/ Fail 3/ Forget the failure and keep the lesson 4/ Rinse and repeat. There will be a point in live where you’ll almost always skip Step2.

Cyber security is the new Technology Goldmine, by ClearanceJobs (1min:53sec)

A large distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the servers of Dyn, a major DNS host occured on 10/22/2016, causing half of America’s internet shutdown… Needed a demonstration that Cyber security Consulting is where the money is for Techies ?

Switch, by Nintendo (3min:36sec)

Passionate gamer? Why not become a video game Consultant. Expertise areas include Art production, Design, Animation, Coding, Strategic planning, business development, publishing…You too can be part of the success of such products as Nintendo Switch

Promoting while impacting, by Accenture (0min:30sec)

Wondering how to spend that $1000 marketing budget ? Donate to a charity and you shall be karma rewarded while getting publicity for your Consulting activity.

What’s the future of urban mobility?, by McKinsey & Company (5min:38sec)

Exploring the trends that will shape how we travel in cities, this material shall help you ensure your area of expertise is not going to be obsolete in the upcoming decade.

When Art meets Technology, by DreamWorksTV (4min:18sec)

Combine your passion for drawing and Tech expertise, and you can become the greatest Consultant in your area. Introducing DreamWorks “Apollo” Technology, fueling animations like How To Train Your Dragon or The Boss Baby.