Original way to promote your consulting activity, by Snap (0min:30sec)

A smart Consultant shall make promotion videos and let his/her clients and prospects see the world the way he/she perceives it…literally! The Steps: 1/ Get yourself Spectacles glasses 2/ Shoot relevant videos by yourself in appealing situations 3/ Broadcast them…Et voilà.

Oooops…please help me “unsend” that email, by Digital Trends (1min:20sec)

An email can make or break a career. Don’t jeopardize a once-in-a-lifetime contract at a click of a -send- button.
This material shows you how to configure the “unsend” feature with Gmail.

Leveraging internet Buzz for your consulting activity, by MostAmazingTop10 (5min:40sec)

A glance at most searched -happy or sad- people and events that occur throughout the year shows you where the trend is. You can then promote your product or consulting activity accordingly…Talking about free traffic generation.

How to emulate AT&T acquiring Time Warner, by WallStreetJournal (1min:09sec)

The big picture here is that a gigantic Channel (AT&T) is about to get loaded with huge Content (Time Warner). Consulting being about providing expert advice, you too can emulate the two giants by creating/aggregating content on a consulting website and broadcasting it to a thirsty audience. Ref our Tools section.

Switch, by Nintendo (3min:36sec)

Passionate gamer? Why not become a video game Consultant. Expertise areas include Art production, Design, Animation, Coding, Strategic planning, business development, publishing…You too can be part of the success of such products as Nintendo Switch

What’s the future of urban mobility?, by McKinsey & Company (5min:38sec)

Exploring the trends that will shape how we travel in cities, this material shall help you ensure your area of expertise is not going to be obsolete in the upcoming decade.

How to turn anything into a speaker, by Unbox Therapy (4min:17sec)

Useful if you want to make awesome presentations outside your conference room environment. Please don’t stick to a pregnant woman…she might get angry.

Fancy starting your own Smartphone manufacturing business ? (2min:16sec)

In Shenzhen, China, Zuoer Technology help clients create their own smartphone brand. Choosing from a menu of options akin to ordering a pizza, Zuoer’s customers can get into the handset business for $1,000. Fancy taking advantage of Samsung dropping Galaxy Note 7 ?

Workplace, by Facebook (1min:30sec)

FB are now swapping cat videos and baby pictures for meeting minutes and corporate schedules. This can benefit your Consulting activities as the service works in a separate app, and is available for a monthly fee to businesses.

Millennials are taking over, by Official Comedy (3min:55sec)

Consulting is going through a revolution with top quality millennials mastering modern tools like google, reddit, facebook, and skype to name a few. Wise Boomers select and mentor them with great results, despite stereotypes…