Children interrupt BBC News interview, by BBC News (0min:43sec)

Unexpected things can happen when you work from your home Office. In that situation, the man had few options:
1/ Let the lady handle the situation, and face criticism for not reacting.
2/ Stand up and take the big sister out, but show us that he is not wearing any pants.
I guess he made a wise choice.

Why reinvent the wheel when you can copy what works ? (2min:45sec)

This Bain & Company’s material explains 3 case studies of growth through repeating a model that works. The same applies to consulting: look out there and copy the successful methods, strategies other consultants have used to secure businesses.

Building relationship in Christmas time, by Rak Consulting (5min:22sec)

Many businesses freeze their activity in Christmas. However, now is time you stop by and say hello to your clients, with or without a present. Subtle way to promote yourself…

Consulting globally: focus on ASEAN, by McKinsey (2min:24sec)

However you want to target Clients globally, educate yourself in geography on a business perspective. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) comprises ten Southeast Asian states: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), and Vietnam.

10 ways to appear smarter, by Matthias (5min:36sec)

You become what you think…So you’d better think wisely, especially about yourself. Eg: clients will tend to rely on what they perceive as a SMART consultant.

Crowdsourcing for your consulting activity, by Niranjan Zende (3min:20sec)

Think about leveraging other people’s knowledge to enhance your Consulting business.

Are the best Consultants Introverts or Extroverts ?, by AsapScience (4min:17sec)

You might want to know yourself and leverage your strengths and so called weaknesses. Eg: an introvert Consultant should seek a dozen clients at a time, charging $97 each, while an extrovert should go for a crowd of a hundred simultaneous clients at $27 each…

Follow your dream, by BuzzFeedVideo (2min:21sec)

Set yourself a goal and go for it! ConsultingVault advise the following Steps: 1/ Try 2/ Fail 3/ Forget the failure and keep the lesson 4/ Rinse and repeat. There will be a point in live where you’ll almost always skip Step2.

Promoting while impacting, by Accenture (0min:30sec)

Wondering how to spend that $1000 marketing budget ? Donate to a charity and you shall be karma rewarded while getting publicity for your Consulting activity.

Small business idea , by Dakin (5min:16sec)

You can start as a hobby, and scale it to make money from home. ConsultingVault recommend: 1/ buy raw material on alibaba -eg 100 pieces at $0.5 each-, 2/ sell your finished product on amazon -eg $2 each-, 3/ establish yourself as a consultant in the activity.