Robot beats “I am not a Robot” Captcha, by Matt Unsworth (0min:30sec)

Is this the dawn of Skynet ?

Consulting globally: focus on ASEAN, by McKinsey (2min:24sec)

However you want to target Clients globally, educate yourself in geography on a business perspective. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) comprises ten Southeast Asian states: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar (Burma), and Vietnam.

10 ways to appear smarter, by Matthias (5min:36sec)

You become what you think…So you’d better think wisely, especially about yourself. Eg: clients will tend to rely on what they perceive as a SMART consultant.

Crowdsourcing for your consulting activity, by Niranjan Zende (3min:20sec)

Think about leveraging other people’s knowledge to enhance your Consulting business.

Are the best Consultants Introverts or Extroverts ?, by AsapScience (4min:17sec)

You might want to know yourself and leverage your strengths and so called weaknesses. Eg: an introvert Consultant should seek a dozen clients at a time, charging $97 each, while an extrovert should go for a crowd of a hundred simultaneous clients at $27 each…

Follow your dream, by BuzzFeedVideo (2min:21sec)

Set yourself a goal and go for it! ConsultingVault advise the following Steps: 1/ Try 2/ Fail 3/ Forget the failure and keep the lesson 4/ Rinse and repeat. There will be a point in live where you’ll almost always skip Step2.

Promoting while impacting, by Accenture (0min:30sec)

Wondering how to spend that $1000 marketing budget ? Donate to a charity and you shall be karma rewarded while getting publicity for your Consulting activity.

When Art meets Technology, by DreamWorksTV (4min:18sec)

Combine your passion for drawing and Tech expertise, and you can become the greatest Consultant in your area. Introducing DreamWorks “Apollo” Technology, fueling animations like How To Train Your Dragon or The Boss Baby.

Small business idea , by Dakin (5min:16sec)

You can start as a hobby, and scale it to make money from home. ConsultingVault recommend: 1/ buy raw material on alibaba -eg 100 pieces at $0.5 each-, 2/ sell your finished product on amazon -eg $2 each-, 3/ establish yourself as a consultant in the activity.

Starting your consulting business, by SmallBusinessBC (3min:01sec)

Now that you’ve got the idea, think strategically about how to implement it.